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The Quantum Devices team of prof. Caspar van der Wal (CV) performs experimental research that focusses on the quantum physics of electron spin ensembles and nuclear spin ensembles in semiconductor devices. Current projects study electron spin manipulation and dephasing for ensembles, electron many-body effects, and quantum state transfer between spin states and optical pulses. We use electron transport methods, optical pump-probe techniques and quantum optical techniques. While there is a clear link to application-driven research on quantum information technology and spintronics, our focus is on fundamental studies of quantum coherent dynamics in solid-state devices. See Research and Publications for more information.

The Quantum Devices team operates in the Physics of Nanodevices Group at the Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials of the University of Groningen, the Netherlands. We participate in the Optical Science Centre of the Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials.

We contribute to education in Physics and Applied Physics, and the TopMaster in Nanoscience of the Zernike Institute.

Energy levels of D0-D0X system
Contact address, phone, lab and office locations
Prof. Caspar H. van der Wal
Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials
University of Groningen
Nijenborgh 4
NL-9747AG   Groningen
The Netherlands

Phone +(31) 50 363 4555
Secretary (Anna McEwan) +(31) 50 363 4974
Fax +(31) 50 363 4879
Email c.h.van.der.wal[AT]
Secretary (Anna McEwan) solidstate[AT]
Skype caspar.van.der.wal

Office location of Caspar van der Wal at FWN Nijenborgh 4:
Building 13, first floor, room 140

Labs at FWN Nijenborgh 4:
Dilution refrigerator and quantum optics lab: Building 13, second floor, room 237 (5113.0237)
Pulsed laser lab: Building 13, first floor, room 144 (5113.0144)

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August 2015:
Jakko de Jong from our team won the poster prize of the 2015 FOPS Conference, for his poster on optically-controlled nuclear spin control via donor-bound electrons in GaAs.

April 2015:
Our paper on spin-selective driving of optical transitions for divacancies in SiC and optical coherent population trapping of its spin got accepted for publication in Scientific Reports (Nature Publishing Group) (see Publications). Our first paper on SiC, by the team with Olger, Sander, Danny and Caspar.

Summer 2014:
Congratulations to Danny O'Shea of our team for being awarded an NWO-Veni grant on the topic Quantum Optics of Spins in Semiconductor Waveguides. It is a personal research grant for an independent project, hosted by our group, and in collaboration with our group, the group of Jeremy O'Brien (Bristol), and the group of Nguyen T. Son and Erik Janzen (Linkoping).

28 Aug. 2013:
Results from our project on Electron many-body effects in quantum point contacts are published in Nature.

Link to coverage of this work in a News & Views article in Nature Physics.

University press release (Dutch and English).

Science LinX topical news item (Dutch and English).

Summer 2013:
The team starts a new project on electron spin dynamics in organic materials based on small molecules or polymers (collaboration within the Zernike Institute with the groups of Broer, Havenith and Loi).

13 July 2012:
Javaid Iqbal defended his PhD thesis Electron many-body effects in quantum point contacts.


Caspar van der Wal received an ERC Starting Grant (1.5 MEuro) for a 5-year research program that studies quantum optics with electron and nuclear spin ensembles in semiconductors. In 2012 we hired the PhD students Olger Zwier and Jakko de Jong and postdoc Danny O'Shea on this project.


[YouTube link to news item on the Web-TV of the University Newspaper (in Dutch)]